change in sound after render

don’t beat me up too bad for asking this, but does anyone know why the sound may be changing to my ears after the files are rendered. first for clarity, yes I have effects and rig disabled on the rendered files. on my original files when i’m listening to them as they are playing through the master rig section unrendered, they sound brilliant, perfect, exactly how I want them to sound, so then I render them, and suddenly they are different, not as expected at all,more specifically the bass seems to have increased substantially, and there seems to be an extra layer of compression or limiting, just enough to where the sound goes from a really good mix, to a kind of over processed undesirable sound, a little thicker sounding as well… at first I thought there was some eq effecting the rendered file, but as far as I can see there is nothing, and when I listen to the files after being rendered in some other player again they sound different then how I thought I sent them. more than likely its me, but I cant achieve the rendered file to sound like the prerendered file auditioned through the rig. oh and yes I tried in all the different formats, wav, mp3, all variations of such. I welcome any insight someone might think is happening. thanks

The most likely reason: your processed file still plays through the effect. You effects should be bypassed after processing.
There are several options for that.

Also, are you using any other plugins besides Master Rig? Awhile back another user had a similar issue, the rendered file was not the same as what they were hearing on live playback.

The problem was that some plugin (I believe a Slate Digital plugin) was not rendering properly. In other words, the gain and character changes from the Slate plugin were affecting the overall loudness and sound on playback, but on rendering the results were different. In his case, the Slate plugin was being used to lower the level before feeding into other plugins, so with the plugin issue, more level was feeding the rest of the plugin chain than intended on rendering.

So, it would be good to know if any other plugins are involved before (or after) Master Rig.

Are you rendering from a Montage file or just from a single WAV/AIFF file to a new file?

thanks all for observations, to the first poster, everything is bypassed on rendered files. To the second point, I’m strictly using Wavelab effects or plugins at this time. with single files and montage files. let me ask this as well, because again it could just be my perception of what i’m hearing. When you have two or more clips in the montage is there a quick way to A/B the files. right now i’m doing the “press numeric key then F” to hear one file and then repeating the steps to hear the other and it may be skewing my perceived results due to time lag

I guess it would be helpful to see some screen shots of your master section layout and settings.

Also, when working with the montage, instead of inserting in the global master section, do you get different results if you insert Master Rig in the montage output effects section?

In the Render Options there are settings to “Bypass Master Section” on rendering and also “Exclude Master Section Bypassed Plugins”. Could that have any relation?

Justin here are screenshots, 1st part is unrendered file monitored through master rig effects, 2nd part is rendered file with master rig and effects bypassed

i’m not sure how to put master rig on montage effects as you suggest, but here is whats going on currently

Hi Andy,

Everything looks pretty normal from your screenshots. So you are saying that what you hear on playback in the montage is much different than the resulting rendered file?

To me, it doesn’t look like a master section setting problem but to answer your question, if you are in a montage you can open the “effects” tab and insert plugins on an audio clip, montage track (not to be confused with CD track), or the montage output. All of these effects slots are saved with the montage itself which is nice.

I’m not sure what limitations there may be between the Elements and Pro version however.

thanks Justin,
by the way did you see the other question I asked above about being able to A/B clips quickly?

I did see your question but I don’t really understand. I’ll have to see what “press numeric key then F” does. If I have two clips in a montage that I want to compare, I normally just move the cursor between the two clips so I can decide which part of the two clips to compare. I move the playback cursor to one clip, press play, then when I want to compare to another clip, then I move the cursor to the clip I would like to compare to and drop it at the area I’d like to compare to.

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you’re looking to do? Are you talking about two clips in the same montage or two different audio files outside of a montage?

To troubleshoot the rendering issue, I would remove Master Rig and see if the render sounds like what you hear. Then slowly add Master Rig and different modules.

If you put the Master Rig on the clip or montage track level, you can load in the rendered file, sync it to the source file down to the sample, invert the phase of one version and do a null test to see if the rendered file nulls with what you’re hearing.

thanks Justin, I will take some time and delve into your troubleshooting tips. as far as the audition 2 clips thing, I’m trying to see if theres an immediate way to hear one clip to another, similar to when you put an effect on a sound and enable/disable it to hear the effect. the numeric key thing is what the preferences show for switching between clips, the problem is yes you have to switch stop, press play, switch stop press play, i’m trying to hear something on/off style.
again thanks for all your previous input

You could insert a generic yellow mark into the clips you want to jump between, and find the best part of the clips to use.

After you insert a yellow generic marker, look at the marker numbers and then use the shortcut to jump to a marker.

For example, if you make a generic on one clip and it’s marker #4 in the markers tab, and then you make another generic marker on the other clip and it’s marker #7, you can use the shortcuts “4 then M” and “7 then M” to jump to those markers.

It switches pretty quick but I find that if you do the shortcut too fast, it doesn’t register. So press 4 and breath and press M.

Let me know if that works. There could be better faster ways, but it’s not something I really do with a shortcut cut. I just find it fast enough to drop the playback cursor where I want to listen when I A/B different songs in a montage.

Do you have someone else you can bring into the room with you? Maybe have that person play the rendered and original file with plugs active randomly for you in a blind test.

good idea rat, I’ll check that out. Again thanks Justin for all the tips.

No problem. I think putting the Master Rig (at least temporarily) in the montage track FX slot and rendering so you can load in the rendered file to a new montage track and do a null test with the rendered file phase reversed alongside the live playback would be the best way to hear if there is any difference between the rendered file and what you hear on playback.

Without seeing a video of all your steps, or actually being there, it’s hard to say what if anything is going wrong on the rendered file to make it sound different.