Change instrument in a shared layer chain


what is the best way to change the instrument of a shared layer chain ?

Example :

  • I use “Instrument 1, Piano 1” in song 1
  • I want to use the same “Instrument 1, Piano 1” in song 2, so I share the layer of song 1 : All fine, both layers show the “shared” symbol.

Challenge :
Now I want to change “Instrument 1, Piano 1” to “better instrument Piano 2”.
But I do not want to change it song by song, I want to change it in one song that uses it and all the others sharing it should adopt it at once (this is imho purpose of “sharing”)

When I try to do that :

  • I change instrument in song 1
  • result is : the share chain is killed, I now have two instances of non-shared layers
    So I have to switch to “better instrument Piano2” in song 2 by myself manually (and share it there)

This is no problem in such an easy two song project.
But I want to change my “Standard Piano” to a new one in a 70 song project (and I have no overview, where I used it) ?
So laborious times are coming to me …

Is there a better/shorter way ?

Thanks for information

Transfering the “ownership” of a shared plugin is way more complicated than one may think. But we are checking to see if it can be done.

I understand.

And there is no way/workaround to find out, in which songs “Instrument 1, Piano 1” is shared to ?
=> So I could walk through this list manually.

We are checking this currently.
Re-reading this, I wonder if a Global Part Layer is a better solution?