Change key signature multiple times


How can I change the key signature multiple times in a project? Say bar 1 is in the key of C major, bar 2 in D major, and bar 3 in E major, how can I change the key signature starting at a given bar?
And can I group multiple track, so that I apply the key signature changes to all of them at the same time?

Score Editor has its key sigs in the symbol palettes in the left zone of the Score Editor.

Thanks for the reply. I got some advice on this thread:
Would you mind reading through that thread, and comment on the questions I just asked?

Another possible method – in Cubase Pro – is using the Transpose Track. You’d still need to put Key Signatures in the Score Editor, I think. But, in the Key Editor, you can show Actual Notes or Transposed Notes when using Transpose Track.

hello, how could I use the transpose track without affecting all tracks, (particularly a groove agent track in the same project)
i tried placing the groove agent track above and below the newly created transpose track,
any ideas ? thank you


Tracks can be “Independent” for “Following” (see the Info Line), in fact, parts of tracks can be either one or the other. Drum tracks, for example, are usually to Independent. Hope that helps?

hello, thank you for your answer, all im seeing in the info line is the starting BAR of the transpose track and its value, there is nothing more to add except for the left and right “brackets”

ok done ! thank you i see it and it works