Change Language on iPad

Hi, such a great news - Dorico on iPad. One important question - how can I change a language of this App? Many not nativ english speaking users use Dorico in English because of many tutorials, shortcuts names and forum entries. I own MacBook Pro purchased in Germany, so I use German keyboard but I love to be able to use Dorico in English. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this option on my iPad Pro. Did I oversee something?

If you open or create a project, tap the hamburger menu in the top right, tap “Programmeinstellung” and choose Englisch from the dropdown menu for “Sprache”. Tap “anwenden” and it should switch to English.

Thank you Ben. I am very happy to know it would be possible. But what do you mean under “hamburger menu”?

OK, I see this option after I created one. Any way when I choose english I was not able to apply…

After a while…checking option “Default language for instrument names” does the trick…I hope I would save time for others, who would like to set it up😊

The Hamburger Menu icon is the icon which consists of three horizontal lines arranged vertically. Someone once described it to me as looking like three pizza boxes stacked on top of each other.
Hamburger Menu