Change Midi Output Channel on Inst Track

Anyone know if it is possible to increase or decrease the value of the Midi Output that goes into an Instrument Track without clicking on it with the mouse, or hovering the mouse over it and using the scroll wheel?

I want to be able to change this value from a keyboard or external midi controller instead of using the mouse. I can’t find the parameter anywhere in the keyboard controller menu or in the logical editor. I just want to be able to increase it or decrease it, like when using a scroll wheel. Anyone know a macro for this?

Is setting the channel to ‘ANY’, and changing your keyboard output channel to not the solution?

Yes, that would certainly be the best solution. Unfortunately my current controller is an older Arturia AE61 that frustratingly cannot change the midi transmit channel on the fly.
I’m planning to replace it with a Komplete Kontrol s61 when I can afford it, but am hoping for an interim solution so I can buy Iconica instead.