Change Mono GROUP into Stereo?? Is there a way?

Cubase Gurus, I have made a tiny mistake and cant seem to find a way out of the rabbit hole.

I am setting up a mix and selected all my drum channels to go to a new group. In my haste I forgot to make the new group a STEREO group. I am now 2 hours into my mix and notice the problem. I can seem to find a way to turn this mono group into a stereo one. It would seem like an easy fix. For the life of me I cant seem to find one.

Is there a way??

Dennis the dunce…

Not sure why you’re finding this such an issue.
OK…There is no way to change the track from mono to stereo but its not so difficult to create another group and copy any settings across.

Create a new stereo group and re-route your drum tracks (highlight the relevant tracks and hold shift/Alt while re-routing to do all in one go.)
Then save a track preset on the mono group and load it to the stereo one…or just drag and drop effects across.

Its not really ‘such an issue’ other than an annoyance.

If memory serves back in the early days of Nuendo you could not reorder the inserts. So doing what you said would place it at the end of the groups and not backwards compatible (for lack of better words). That’s what I remember anyhoo. It does not seem to be the problem it used to be and I did as you said and it worked fine. Just don’t know why there is not a way to simply toggle between mono and stereo.

And now for something completely different…

There have been lots of feature requests for the ability to change mono>stereo for channels, not here yet although IT DID exist in older versions of Cubase.

So no, you can´t change it into stereo. You need to redo the routing.

this should be added to the update list. right click on the mono icon, choose stereo. don’t have to save channel settings, create another group channel, copy all the automation from the old one to the new one…silly. time/money. all these redundant unnecessary procedures add up.

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