Change Mouse Wheel scrolling/zooming behaviour modifier keys

Aside Cubase I also have to use Ableton, Logic, ProTools and Davinci (plus some foto software - on Mac and PC) and they all differ more or less in their mouse wheel scrolling and zooming behaviour (what happens when ctrl / option / command / shift etc is pressed and the mouse wheel is moved). This is a serious workflow killer for me and I would like to harmonise things as much as possible.

Afaik there is no option in Cubase to change this behaviour - but am I overlooking something?

I am currently looking into Karabiner, Keyboard Maestro and smart scroll on Mac and haven’t yet started investigating third party helper software on PC. Maybe someone has solved the problem already somehow? Any tip is very much appreciated!


I use this on PC:

This allows keys and the mouse wheel to be completely reassigned. You can set the reassignments to a very specific program so it works only in Cubase - but not in your garphik program. And another reassignment to a different program. I’ve been using it for 4 years.
You can save the profile and load it on another PC. Unfortunately only for PC.

AutoHotKey is a runtime scripting language for Windows that can be used to remap keyboard and mouse actions. You can even convert keyboard keystrokes to MIDI messages if wanted. Very powerful!

Thank you both I’ ll look into these :slight_smile: Fixing the windows side will be the next step.