change multiple audio clips algorythm at once

Hi guys !
is there a way to change the stretch algorithm of multiple audio clips at once ? If you go in Preferences, you can only select between realtime algo and prosoniq algos, no elastic audio algo available. It’s annoying…

Specific version of Cubase?

You can select all files & switch algo in the pool.

Thanx, grim. That’s what i was searching for… :smiley:
@mashedmitten : The only cubase with elastic algorithms is cubase 6… :wink:

I know that and I see now that you know that, but you’d be surprised at how many don’t which is why I asked.

Is it possible that there are knowledgeable members of the forum, who just leave cryptic ‘hit and run’ responses to simple questions in order to increase their post count?

Just wondering.


It’s even more possible the some members attack others for trying to help without posting anything useful in threads to increase their postcount. :wink: