Change music font

Hi there,
I‘ve started a short piece with the Petaluma music font and then decided that I want to change it to Bravura. How can I do that?

It may not be possible on the iPad. You’ll need to open it in Dorico Pro on the Desktop.

thank you Ben! That was my conclusion, too. Maybe that‘ll change anytime soon.

I use Minion Pro a lot in Dorico. When viewing a file on the iPad, it changes this font to a generic sans-serif one. I looked up how to install fonts on the iPad and it looked complicated, especially since I’d need to download them from a font website and besides, I need the versions of Minion Pro that I have on the computers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sadly, it can’t be done at the moment. The usual font installation methods for iOS don’t work with Dorico, because it uses the Qt framework, rather than using Apple’s APIs directly.

It’s a known issue and will be looked at. But yeah, if you’re not using Bravura/Petaluma and Academico (or a standard Apple-installed font), then you get a Sans replacement.

I was happy to see the 12 instrument limit removed in the first update, otherwise the iPad version would have been of no use to me.

But not only am I using some non standard fonts in my project, I also have replaced individual music symbols with glyphs from other SMUFL Fonts which are not part of Dorico.

I also tried to install them onto my iPad but Dorico does not have acces to them, so now for a different reason the iPad version is of no use to me.

I really hope this will be possible anytime soon.

And if its true that this is another Qt related issue, I really hope that the decision to rely on this framework will not drive Dorico into some dead end comparable to the palaeontological codebase Finale has to deal with…

Unfortunately there’s nothing that we can do about this in the short term. Qt does not provide access to the iOS 13+ methods for obtaining a font in a secure way, but we hope that this will be added in a future version of the framework.

Both Sibelius and MuseScore use Qt, so Dorico will be in good company. Many other cross-platform apps use it. Without it, developing on three platforms would be three completely separate codebases.

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