change muted events color? do not show overlaps?


im having trouble finding where to change the color for muted events. i dont like the white at all as its more powerful than the actual non-mute event colors.

also i would love if i could hide overlaps completely. no diagonal lines even and just be able to see them them opening the lane view. is this possible?

both questions are concerning audio; midi and instrument tracks.

thanks and cheers!

bump :slight_smile:

I’d like to know if these are possible as well.

All I know is that the preference for “Show overlaps on mouse over” is broken.

The preference “Never show overlaps” and “Always show overlaps” are working… So yes, you can hide the diagonal lines showing overlaps all together.

PS. You can even set up a key command to toggle through the preference options.

Yes, I also vote for this. It’s been two years and still no muted channel color fix. This white is un-get-used-to-able.