Change note duration while writing in the Tab mode

Is there short-cut keys while writing in the tab mode that will allow you to change the note duration without effecting the fret number. That is, for instance, the eighth note is 5 when writing on the staff, but if you type that number when writing in the tab mode it puts a note on the 5th fret of what ever string your indicating. :frowning: So I have to select the note duration manually that I wish to put on whatever fret I’m working on. Currently, I’m inputting all notes manual as I don’t have any midi equipment to use.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yes, please see the Operation Manual for help with tablature input:

You’ll see that shortcuts for lengthening and shortening the chosen note value are described.

Thanks, it took a little while to find that title in the manual (page 239), but now that I found it, I’ll give it a try. It seems a little awkward to hit the = key or the - key multiple times if your going from say a whole note to an eighth note (or visa versa), but I’ll get used to it.

Doug :slight_smile:

If you’re using the PDF version, the index can be a relatively quick way of getting to relevant topics. For example, that page is listed in various places and ways, including under “tablature > note input”. But I can see that there might be room for some other index routes more related to note durations, so I’ll add those.

Thanks for your input. I do use Acrobat, but their find is not very useful (as it’s a word search - and there are a lot of the same words in the manual), so using the index is OK, but slow. It would be helpful to say something like “Inputting Notes on Tablature - page 239” for us newbies. I can change the shown page number and jump right to it.

Thanks again - Doug :slight_smile:

If you’re viewing the PDF in Acrobat, you should be able to show a content/bookmarks navigation on the left and expand topic levels, and click on their titles to navigate straight there. Likewise, any blue hyperlinked page number will jump the view to the corresponding place.

That is true, but in some cases, it takes awhile to find the right content / bookmark to expand to the topic I’m trying to find. However, I just noticed at the end of the manual there is a Glossary section and that may be useful in narrowing down my search for items I’m interested in.

Doug :slight_smile: