Change note durations

Will it be possible to change note durations easily and have all the notes to the right shift over? I believe Finale has a Re-Bar feature but Sibeius doesn’t do it. I tend to sketch something up quickly without concern for every detail, and then go back and clean these kinds of things up, but this kind of thing can be painful in other programs.

Also, is there an option to choose “Keyless” rather than having to choose a Key Signature? Wondering about this kind of support for Non-Tonal music.

Yes, you can simply engage insert mode (hit the I key) and any edits you make to notes will cause the notes after them to shuffle up and back as needed. It’s very powerful.

You can also certainly write without a key signature, and choose to have Dorico always show accidentals on all notes, for example, in the manner of the Second Viennese School composers, among other options for accidental durations.

Beautiful. I writing without barlines and maybe ad some later ist great. I’m really looking forward to the release!