Change note input start key command

Is there any way to customize the note input start command, Shift-N?

And, I almost always need Shift-N O to force durations. Is there a way to make this a shortcut of single key assignment?

You can indeed change the Shift+N shortcut via the Key Commands page of Preferences (look for Start Note Input) but you can’t make a single shortcut also trigger Force Duration. You could perhaps use an external automation tool like Auto Hot Key or Keyboard Maestro to achieve this?

@dspreadbury Thanks so much. As usual., I could not find that! Appreciated,

However, your post explaining I can’t set a macro of two commands led me to - finally - sit down and actually learn how to program the special macro assignable keys on the left side of my whizzo Logitech G915 keyboard. Now G5 does the trick. It’s excellent.

I am in fact also using AutoHotKey which is very useful indeed. The scripting language is very simple. But generally as a first choice I like to use the Dorico preferences before I use the hot key tool.