Change note value instead of adding a tie

Hi all, there is probably a very simple answer to this and I think I read something on here about it but can’t find it in the search. If I have two quavers written and want to change that to a crotchet I select the first of the quavers and then hit crotchet. This adds a tie to the two quavers and I’d rather it changed to a crotchet. Not sure which setting corrects this, could someone point me in the right direction please? Thank you

There are several reasons it could be turning to two tied quavers rather than to a crotchet. One would be that the start of the note is in an off-beat position, and Dorico thinks that it should still be written as two tied quavers for rhythmic clarity, in which case you can either change the options on the Note Grouping page of Notation Options to influence this, or you can use the Force Durations tool in the toolbox to override Dorico’s behaviour on this single occasion.

The other one would be that the quaver has already been entered with Force Duration, and so Dorico is not free to allow it to be renotated as a crotchet. You can remove the effect of Force Duration using Edit > Reset Appearance.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll check