Change notehead to a rectangle as long as its duration

As mentioned in the title, does Dorico support changing the notehead to a rectangle that is as long as its duration?

Welcome to the forum, @598523533. No, at the present time Dorico doesn’t have any features to do this. Could you share a bit more information about your requirements?


Recently I encountered many contemporary pieces that notate note durations, instead of using flags, in a form of long rectangles ( basically thick lines ) showing the time span of how long a note should be.

I was wondering if it is realizable that, for example, if a note takes up a whole bar, then it could be notate as a black line start from the left of the barline to the end at the right. In a sense, it’s just like a piano roll, but on a score. As I can do this manually, but then there would be no playback.


Can you supply an image example? I’m intrigued how the distinction between ‘note end’ and ‘note start’ is indicated.

What’s the benefit/significance of doing this, instead of conventional notation?

Usually, duration is represented by the SPACE following a note, so it would be a major revision to have flexible notehead forms that extended into that space. Also, spacing would have to be proportional. :hushed:

You could probably create something that looks about right using a note-attached horizontal line that is one space thick?