Change number in slash region bar count

Is it possible to make the default always be “Count from 2”? I use this option much more often than the default. Thanks!

Ok, now I’m intrigued as to how you are using these. If I select Count from 1 (the default), the count appears the way I would expect it.

If I select Count from 2, the count just seems wrong.

Are you using these to indicate time after a written out bar of drums or something? Just curious how you are using these where Count from 2 will be correct.

Yes, I am using this in drum parts where the first bar is written out.

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Have you tried the measure-repeat symbol for this? (%)

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^^^ That’s how I do it too. The bar repeats have less horizontal clutter and the structure is easy to see.

In instances where I want to show a sample pattern in the first bar, then slashes afterwards, this does not mean the same thing.