change numbers guitar tabulature

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I have small hands and I’d like to change a tab number to use a different finger, for example change “3” to “5”. I’m entering notes on a keyboard which automatically adds the traditional fingering below in the tab staff. Is this possible?

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Yes, Karen, you can select the fret number on the tablature and type Alt+up/down to move the note to the string above or below.

(Alt-up/down changes the pitch, e.g. from G to A. If you select the number on tablature and press N/M, that keeps the pitch the same but assigns it to a different string - e.g. turning an open string G to a 5th fret stopped G on the string below.)

Thanks, Lillie, you are of course correct. N and M are the correct shortcuts to use. Thanks for setting me straight.

Here is the relevant page from the Operation Manual.

Wow thank you both for answering, and these tips will come in handy in the future, no doubt.

What I want to do though, is change a number to a different number. For example on the G string, I want to use a “3” instead of a “2” to play an A. Arthritis, etc!

I heart Dorico.

Tab staves show fret numbers automatically, not fingering, unless I’m missing something…

Omg I’m so dumb sometimes! Thanks pianoleo.