Change of layout between Write Mode and Print

For a 9 player score: when selecting an instrument in print mode, in this case, the bassoon, I noticed some collisions. When I went back to write mode it looked fine, but then I noticed the whole layout changed in print mode from write mode. Any suggestions?

Make sure you are looking at the same layout in write and print mode. Unlike switching between write and engrave mode, print mode doesn’t automatically show the same layout you were previously working on.

You’re almost certainly not looking at the same layout. When you’re in Write mode, the layout you’re currently looking at is shown in the layout selector in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the screen. When you’re in Print mode, that selector is disabled and has no effect on what you’re looking at: instead, the first layout selected in the Layouts panel on the left-hand side of Print mode will be shown. You can choose to look at a different layout by clicking a different layout in the list in Print mode. This (very old) video shows you how the Layouts panel in Print mode works.

Thank Daniel, will give it a look.

The layout selector at the top is disabled in Print Mode. As a consequence, it will hardly ever show the name of the layout you’re looking at, which is rather confusing. Why bother to display it at all?

Why bother to display it at all?

or please show what was selected before the jump to the print page is done …