Change old Cubase project's previous audio connections in latest version Cubase

Can anyone please help with this?
I’ve recently upgraded from Cubase 4 to CB 12. I’d not used CB for a long time and when I upgraded CB I also got a new audio interface etc. Everything’s working fine. However…
Issue; when I open an old project that was created in CB 4 with my old audio interface into CB 12, if I want to, for example, add a new audio track to the old project, my new audio output routing connections aren’t available for selection, only my old audio interface. I’ve checked that all the VST connections are set to my latest hardware (*edit-and also the ASIO driver in Studio Setup), but they don’t show up in the Inspector. I’ve read that I need to change the settings and re-save the project, but I can’t find where to change the default connections for the project to my new hardware. Thank you in advance.


Select the ASIO Driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, please.

Thank you for your reply Martin, yes the new ‘Focusrite USB ASIO’ is selected there


Then even in the Audio Connections, there must be the new device available.

Maybe I would try to reinstall the driver. Make sure, you install it as administrator, please.

Yes that worked!, thank you very much Martin