Change one sixtuplet into two triplets

Has anyone got an idea how to change a whole piece of music written in bars of one sixtuplet per bar into bars of two triplets per bar?

I don’t think there’s a good way to do this in a single operation, but if you switch on Insert mode you should find that deleting the sextuplet leaves the notes behind, and you can then select each group of three notes and “tupletify” them by typing ; and then specifying 3:2 in the tuplet popover.

Thanks, Daniel for your quick reply. Didn’t quite unterstand. Should I deleted the number or the notes? Tupletify didn’t work (Dorico 1), but anyhow I could manage. Now I would like to get rid of the numbers and brackets in all bars but can reach the dialog at the bottom only by selecting one tuplet number…

Dear Soundplane,
I think you should try what Daniel told you — and do not panic with the mid-term results. Select tuplet (bracket or number, not the notes) and delete it whilst in Inserr mode. The notes will be kept and all the rhythms will be moved. It might look like a terrible mess. Now do as advised, the tuplefy fonction has really evolved since 1.2
You should find that everything goes back to its place and you now have triplets.