Change order Groups, Outs, Inputs aux on Routing


It is a pain after i’ve created aux, groups or outputs, they maintain the order that i inicially created. Sometimes i create more aux, groups or ins/outs (CMD+F4), and i can’t change the order off the buses, Auxs or groups…! My template it’s a bit complicated, and with all desorganize doesn’t help me at all with my workflow… It’s a simple thing that i love in pro fools. When i change the Bus Order, they stay in the same order when Routing things. Even when i change things in the console, it changes the order in the buses. In nuendo it doesn’t.

Thank you


I agree.

If I forget to add a bus after having to re-enter them all because Nuendo has for some reason lost all the settings, they remain in the order they were entered.

It is not even possible to drag things up or down the list to re-order them.