Change patch in one track-other tracks change, too

I am using Elements 7 with Sonic SE, 30-day demo version, Win 8.1. I added Sonic SE into one slot of the “VST Instruments” window. I opened the Sonic UI and set up three patches or programs to receive on three midi channels 13, 14, 15. I created three midi tracks and set them for Sonic on the output on channels 13, 14, 15. Works fine. Here is my issue, though. I wanted to try a different patch on 13. So I went over to the track panel view to the track that outputs midi 13 and tried to use the rectangular button right next to the Output button. This button does a search of programs and displays results. When I do a mouseover it says “Programs|Bank+Patch.” I selected violins. The rectangular Programs button displayed “violins” and the track now played the violin patch. Also good. But tracks 14 and 15 also display “violins” inside that Programs button while the patch they actually play is unchanged. So tracks 14 and 15 say “violins” in the Program button but play the patch that I programmed earlier with the Sonic UI. It is confusing and can’t be normal behavior. Why do tracks 14 and 15 display whatever is displayed in track 13 inside the Programs button? The other VST instruments (Kontakt, Proteus) on midi channels 1-11 do not show a changed Programs display, only the three Sonic tracks.