Change Player order in full score in the middle of a flow


I have 5 independent Singers (chronological player order) (1st singer has a solo until Bar 100). From Bar 100 on, Singer Nr.3 will have a solo until the end of the piece.
Is it possible to re-arrange the order of the Players (full score) in order for Singer Nr3 to become the first Staff in the Full Score from Bar 100 on ?

CHeers, nostaller

You might be able to do it by assigning multiple Singers per player in order to use “instrument” changes. Make sure bar 100 starts on a new page.

Craig’s solution seems the only viable way. To answer your question directly: no, there’s no way to directly change player order within the score.

In fact, you can’t change player order from layout to layout currently, or from flow to flow (which I anticipate will change at some point). What I mean is that you can’t have one layout or flow with the flute above the horn, and another one with it below.

Actually, Dan, you can change player order from layout to layout. There’s an option under Layout options > Players.

Oops, you’re correct. I had conflated flows and layouts. Thanks.