Change presets in each VST instrument?

Hi, I have setup key commands to change presets in Cubase specific plugins such as Groove agent. So now I can use my number pad + and - to move forward a preset or go back a preset. How can I do this for non steinberg specific instruments and effects? I really am not a fan of mouse clicking if I can avoid it. In fact I would love to eventually get a foot controller setup just for changing presets!


Does Preset > Next command work for you?

Not for 3rd party vst’s… No. It only works for Steinberg apps. I have tried the various options

Project in key commands
Track VST (Next)
VST: Preset (Next)


and nothing is working for 3rd party Vst Plugins… Hmmm. Anyway to get this into action?


Do you browse the 3rd party plug-ins preset in the MediaBay? Do the plug-in pass the preset list to the MediaBay? Or do you browse them in the plug-in UI directly?

Usually in the UI directly. I did not know I could do that in the Media Bay

It does not work for non Steinberg instruments :confused:

If that could get fixed👍