Change project folder in pool

How do I Change the project folder in the pool? not the record folder but project folder

I’m not getting what you mean by “change” the project folder. Please describe what you really want to do. Thanks.

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In the pool there is a project folder path, where the audio files recorded are placed. I can changes the record folder, but the folder is still placed inside the project folder. The project folder is by default a folder called “new projects”, but after making a new song, that I want to save in a new folder, I want to change the project folder in the pool, so all recorded audio files will be placed together with the song in the new folder. I tried selecting “file” - “new library” - selecting the folder, that I want to use, but it does not change the folder in the pool. So when I record vocals, they are still being placed in “new projects”, and not in the folder together with the song.

I believe you are looking for the “Backup Project” option, found in the “File” menu. This allows you to save a project and all its associated files to a new location.

nope thats not what i am looking for. I want to change the location of the project folder in the “pool”, so when i record vocals, the files ends up where i want them, and not in the new project folder.

Why wouldn’t you want your audio to be in the project folder?

Anyhow…There is no way to change this from inside the pool. If you create a project folder at start then you can’t move those files on your hard drive while the project is running from those files.

If you have prompt for project location ticked in the project assistant you can set a project folder whenever you create a new project.

Other than this as jtay suggests, you would have to use backup project to new folder to create a copy of the project in another location.
Make sure Keep Current Project Active is unticked and you will automatically be working to the new folder. You can then delete the original once you’re sure the new copy is fully working.

NB: To be clear, audio folders are always within the project folder. You can’t set the record folder outside of the project folder.

You do not understand. I do not want my recorded audio files to be out side the project folder, but i want a different location of the entire project6 folder. When I create a new song, as default, the project folder is called “new projects”. But if i decide to save the song in its own folder, i want to change the project folder from “new project” to the folder containing the song. I do not want my future recorded audio files to go into the “new project” folder. Its very simple but maybe I am not explaining it, so it is understandeble

It’s not that I don’t understand. It just doesn’t work how you want it to. You’ve been given the correct answer multiple times but are not accepting it.

If you set prompt for project location in assistant you can set a specific folder at project creation.

If you already started the project in the default folder you must use backup to new folder.

back up does change where the audio files are stored otherwise it wouldn’t be a backup…

Edit: Oops, misread. :blush:

Then from what I understand you asking, the answer above is in fact correct. :slight_smile:

Back up Project. Create a new folder and work from that new folder.

And as grim stated, in the future check that the ‘Prompt for project location’ is checked in the Project Assistant page so this doesn’t happen again. :slight_smile:

There is a ‘bug’ (IMHO) in this process, still.
If you start a project in one directory, create audio files then backup the project to a new directory.
The files won’t change unless you close down Cubase and reopen the project.
Sometimes if you don’t close, the files won’t change then you’ll get into a situation with files in both directories, or you think they are backed up and really they aren’t. (you can check by looking in the Pool…) :nerd:

The problem with the current setup is that if you use ‘Backup Project’ then all the audio files used in the project will be copied to the new folder. Often I don’t want this to happen because I might be using various sounds from my sample library and I don’t want my hard drive filled up with duplicates of the same samples when I use them in many different projects.

I would like to be able to change the project folder so that all the audio files currently used will remain where they are BUT all future audio recordings appear in the new folder.

Here’s what I do… I copy the project folder and give it a new name, then when I open the project it prompts me to use the Old Audio folder or the New Audio folder. I select New and I now have a copy of the project where audio will be recorded in the new Audio folder not the old one. Also, look in the pool and you will see that all the audio files already recorded are located in the new Audio/Project folder (they were copied in the first step, and Cubase is using the copies not the originals).


I really wish the same, I want the folder location to not be greyed out (in Pool) and can be changed, followed by a ‘prepare archive’ command, that would be fantastic and give better control for projects.

I want it for times when I don’t want to re-copy anything, sometimes I don’t want a resave which changes time/date metadata of files.
And ofc when i need to effectively ‘backup’ but don’t want to use a brand new folder.

When I want to change the project folder, I go to File> Save as Template, followed by giving it a name, then I close the current project.

Go to File> New, select the template that I just created, give the new default project location, with a new folder. From there, you go to Project> Pool and the new location has been set correctly

I appreciate both the statements of facts and the methods of working found above.

I will state though that I also agree that being able to change the Project Folder (as seen) in the Pool window is greatly to be desired.

Foresight is never 20/20 (at least mine is not), and I often want to move things around on disk either to store them in a different location entirely, or to rename a project and/or it’s folder. Also sometimes I want to merge projects into a single folder, or separate projects out of a single folder into multiple folders. In all of these cases, I find myself wishing to simply change the Project Folder reference in the .cpr file to point where I know I’ve put things (i.e. the Audio), and where I want new recordings to take place.

Because ‘Back up Project’ will not allow us to target the backup to a non-empty folder, often the only way to accomplish my desired reorg is a tedious process of folder A rename, new folder B create, doing ‘Back up Project’, save .cpr to folder B, folder B rename, folder A rename, copy from folder B to folder A, delete folder B. Whew! All this just to get the Project Folder set as desired in the Pool of the .cpr file. I really would rather just be able to edit that path in the Pool window!

+1 for a button to change the project folder. It would make life so much easier when using scratch projects to catch different creative moments which need to be split up separate projects at a later time.


+1 for being able to change the project folder from the pool window. “Backup project” doesn’t make sense in this context. A backup is a backup. A duplicate, a secondary copy. Having to “backup” to use a primary copy is a little weird. We’re not trying to make duplicates of the project, we’re trying to keep our current project and change where future audio will be recorded to.

Found this on Google.


I store all my projects in OneDrive, and the last thing I want is audio files syncing when I haven’t even checked them.

By now, one would think the Pool would be obsolete and there would be improved MediaBay options available.