Change Repeat Bracket Types Locally?

I’m looking to use these types of repeat brackets in Gould (for a section with independent repetition) but can’t seem to find anything about how to change the bracket types within Dorico? Is it not an option yet? Thanks!

Dear Driscollmusick,
As far as I know, 1 and 2 (thanks to the wings option) are available, 3 and 4 are not.

In Engraving options… under barlines, you can choose the winged repeats.


Thanks, but it seems this is only a global setting (not changeable at the local level…)?

Robby, greetings from a fellow Burqueno…


Glad to know other Burquenos are using Dorico.

I see what you are asking now, and I do not believe you can do an isolated repeat bracket change. Although this would be nice if you could.