Change selection from dynamics to notes using keyboard

Hi all,

If I have (say) a dynamic selected, is there a way to use the keyboard to change my selection to a note? Scenario: All the note entry has already been done, but I realized I need to go back and add a lot of dynamics. But so far, my workflow seems to be: shift+D, “p”, enter, move hand to mouse, click on the next note, move hand back to keyboard, shift+D, “mf”, etc. Any time I have to move my hand from keyboard to mouse or vice-versa, I assume I must be doing something wrong.

I just realized I can use Tab to switch between slurs, dynamics, and notes, but even this doesn’t seem reliable (I suspect this has to do with there being multiple voices).

If anyone can tell me the secret incantation for this, I’d appreciate it. :smiley:


Tab is the ticket. It should reliably cycle through all options.

I typically find it much quicker to input dynamics from the caret, including gradual dynamics.