Change sound of instrument without changing notation

I want to change only the sound of an instrument, not the notation/clefs etc. How do I do that?

I am arranging choir pieces but I am not happy with the standard “ahh” sounds for voices, so I want to change the instrument to sound like for example an electrical piano but still keep the notation. However when I change instrument, I also change the notation and clef, and it makes a piano clef. How do I change just the sound and not the instrument so it keeps notated as SATB but with sounds of another instrument?

If you change the patch in the mixer window instead of changing the instrument in Setup mode, it should leave the notation as it is but change only the sound. I’ve often done this in NotePerformer but I would assume that Halion works the same way.

Yes sir, it does. How do you change it in the mixer? Unless you mean changing the instrument in one of Halion’s slots and not the Dorico Mixer? I chance it in the Dorico Play Tab.

You can change it in NotePerformer’s Mixer, but not in Dorico’s Mixer. This video shows how it’s done.