Change staff type mid piece

Hi all,

I need to change quite regularly between staff types, 5 line to 1 line, throughout a piece. I cannot seem to do it. I tried the suggested way of adding two instruments per one player and looking at galley view. But the staves remain separate for me in any view. Also this is seems quite cumbersome. Surely there must be an easier way to change staff type on the fly?

Thanks in advance,

Did you at some point uncheck Allow Instrument Changes in Layout Options/players… ?

Looks like that was unchecked yes, thanks for flagging that. Now I have staff type changes.To get rid of the text and have empty bars with the staff change I did a workaround with custom text and opacity of note heads. This feels a little cumbersome.

Is there no option to redefine what clef any instrument uses, on the fly? I guess that is what I need

Not at present, no. You also cannot create new instruments with particular stave combinations. Baked-in instruments have to be renamed or the instruments desired have to be created in another program and brought into the project via XML. The latter is definitely on the team’s radar, and I’d wager your use-case is too.


Thanks for the reply! Good to know it might appear in the future.


is there an update on this? would be super helpful to allow staff-type switches for a single player throughout a piece!

The way to do it at the moment is to assign multiple instruments to the player, switching between those instruments as needed, and then removing any unwanted instrument change labels that appear.