Change tempo after recording

I’m trying to change the tempo of a project, but I can’t get the recorded audio tracks to align to the new tempo.
The project has 2 midi/instrument tracks and 2 audio recorded tracks.
Only the midi tracks aligns to the new tempo.

I have tried setting the recorded tracks to “time mode” (not musical), setting the project tempo in both track mode and fixed mode, and I have tried adjusting the time/mode for all the parts in the media pool too. Nu luck

Can someone guide me through this breefly?
I assume I have to change the tempo/mode in a certain order.

You must activate “Musical Mode” for the events.
You can do so in the Pool or in the info line.


Ok, I assume “musical mode” is the note symbol?
Should the project tempo be in “track” or “fixed” mode?
Should both midi and audio tracks be in the same mode? (musical)

I have just tried so many combinations and orders again, still not luck hm

Musical Mode is shown in the screenshot.


Ok I finally got it working, thanks :slight_smile:
The main problem seemed to be caused by a fluid intro part that were not aligned to anything.
Somehow messed/moved the overall timing

I assure you, you are not alone in confusing “Musical Mode” with “Musical Timebase” :wink:
Musical Timebase (as opposed to Linear Timebase) is the “quarter-note” icon (which changes to a “clock” icon), control how the events themselves are placed on the timeline (so that means, obviously, the positions of MIDI notes, controller data etc., the position of Parts (whether MIDI Parts or Audio Parts) on tracks, and the position of audio events that are directly on a track rather than inside an Audio Part (i.e. where on the timeline the audio event starts… this has no bearing on the eventual speed of the audio once it starts playing)
Musical Mode, on the other hand, as JHP stated, is for the way the audio clips actually play… when switched off, they always play exactly as recorded, and when On, they play in relation to any differences between the recorded tempo and the current Project tempo (which is why you need to give the audio clip a tempo reference… in the Pool… to tell Cubase what the original tempo of the clip is, so that it can make the corresponding changes according to the current Project tempo, if different from that (sorry, that was just a complicated way of saying that the audio will then follow Cubase’s tempo changes :wink: ).
So, two different things entirely (although, most often, when you use Musical Mode for an audio clip, you’ll probably need to set the audio track to Musical Timebase also :wink:.