Change Tempo Audio Track - No Pitch Change

I have 2 separate acoustic instrument aduio tracks playing harmony. I want to slow down the tracks - not permanently - just to “line up” [audio warp by hand] the tracks. Just to make sure each note from the 2 different tracks start at the same time.

I recorded both tracks at the tempo the song will be mixed down at. At the correct or normal tempo the notes are pretty fast and it’s hard to tell.

I tried just changing (lowering) the temp in the transport thingy - but in fact it didn’t slow these two audio tracks down.

Any suggestions???

Enable musical mode for each track in pool and in inspector. Or I believe you can just double click on the waveform and select musical mode in the sample editor.

Then just create a tempo track. The audio files will move with the tempo changes.

Sounds a bit complicated… but I assume it’s to assure non-destructive editing?

One thing I never understood was the difference between doing what was written above, and doing a “set definition from tempo”.

I know it’s not the same thing, but I’m not really sure how, or when, I would use one vs. the other.

Any good explanations?

Ohhhhh…the pain

Why not have a tempo track and use track automation to set the tempo, because about everyone knows how to use track automation.

WHY… WHY… is it so complicated

Not complicated at all. Select the audio parts, and at the top you’ll see the info line which displays start time, event length, etc. Further along, there’s an option to toggle the musical mode. By default it will be set to “-”. Click there and it becomes musical. Now if you change the tempo, the audio changes speed. If you find that the audio goes out of time when you enable musical mode, you need to define the tempo. You do this by selecting the event, and pressing:

Audio -> Find Selected in Pool

In the window that opens up there’ll be an option to enter the tempo it was originally recorded at. Usually it will work this out for itself but sometimes it doesn’t. When you’re done, just close the audio pool and you’re good to go.