Change Tempo while Midi remains fixed


Is there a way in which i can change the tempo-track (i want do double it) alone while not chaning the midi-notes that i already played? I just want 140bpm instead of 70bpm but i don’t want to record the midi-notes all over again.
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I believe this isn’t possible. MIDI Parts always follow the tempo because they always behave like if Musical Mode was enabled.
There’s no toggle for Musical Mode for MIDI Parts.

What you can do however is to set the time signature to X/8 instead of X/4.
This will effectively double the metronome tempo click. All is explained here.

As a workaround, you can eventually stretch the MIDI Part with Object Selection Tool - Sizing Applies Time Stretch.


Set the Track Timebase to Linear. Then change the tempo.

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Sorry, but this is incorrect. All midi events are affected, and Musical Mode relates to audio, not midi.

(and then switch the track back to Musical Time Base.)

This doesn’t put back the Parts to their initial start position either, this has to be done manually for each MIDI Part.

midi linear timebase


…if you want to make them Tempo dependent.

Yes – I presume that in this use case that’s what’s needed. They recorded some midi, and now they simply want the same tempo, but with a bpm that is double the previous value.

I will stipulate that’s it’s weird to talk about tempo this way, which is due to the static nature of the bpm value in the transport panel.

This issue was dealt with when click patterns were introduced, which allowed us to define the beat manually. But then of course, the bpm value in the transport is no longer the actual beat, but some multiple or factor of the beat. This has generated many questions from users!

@Louis_R Well yes, the midi part moves, but only as a consequence of the midi events inside it having moved.

Also of note is that the visual effect of these changes depends on the ruler settings and the primary time format.

Finally, the OP titled the topic as “Change Tempo while Midi remains fixed.” Martins answer is the precisely correct one for that question.

@ggmanestraki explains some more in Cubase (11 Pro) BPM and Tempo - #8 by ggmanestraki