Change Tempo Without Altering Audio

I recorded several tracks into a song from ADAT with the wrong tempo so now I need to change it. However, every option I tried for altering the tempo seems to throw the audio tracks off. Is there a way to just simply change the tempo of the song without screwing up the synchronization of all my tracks?

Your probable best bet is to re-record the tracks at the right tempo. Otherwise, you’re probably destined for a Cubase timestretch process or another app that will automatically timestretch with the tempo adjustment. I use Melodyne Editor for this process and it works quite well as long as the tempo change isn’t too extreme. Of course, that will be the case with any app.

2 things to do…

  1. In the Audio Pool, make sure that “Musical Mode” is unchecked for each audio file.
  2. In the Project window, switch all audio tracks from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (change each track’s “quarter-note” icon into a “clock” icon).
    You can now change Cubase’s tempo without affecting the audio.

It’s worth trying musical mode but prepare to be highly disappointed!
Re-recording it would most likely be your best option here.

Linear Timebase worked perfectly!! Thanks for the replies everyone…

Excellent tips. In my case, by ‘changing tempo without altering audio,’ I wanted Cubase to actually change it so as to keep everything lined up and sounding exactly the same, except faster (I recorded a song with vocals but wanted to increase the bpm). Sort of the inverse of what vic_france is offering. So to do this instead:

  1. In the Audio Pool, make sure Musical Mode is turned on.
  2. leave all audio tracks in Musical Timebase, and
  3. change the song’s Tempo in the transport as usual.

This keeps all audio events in their place and stretches/compresses them to sound right. My change was only a few bpm (85 to 87 bpm) so it works, but yes, I would recommend re-recording to prevent artifacting, especially with dramatic changes (>5 bpm).

What about all the midi? Was this covered?

If you have previously quantized midi, it will all be on a grid and will move to your tempo changes accordingly. If your midi is in free form, (not played along with a tempo time clock) that may be a problem.