Change tempo without changing pitch

Hey all,

Trying to replicate a cool trick I saw on YouTube, but the guy used Protools, so not sure how to replicate on Cubase, or if it’s possible.

I run Cubase Elements 64 bit on a PC. Therefore, I do not have the elastique dropdown option, which seems to be the easy way to do this.

What I want to do is slow down the whole song/project, sing some BG vocals, then speed the song back up so that the vocals stay in pitch and in time but have a higher timbre. I don’t want to use some kind of plug in to do this that will result in that terrible chipmunk sound. I essentially want to try to make my male BG vocs sound like female vocs.

Here is the video that shows exactly what I’m aiming for. The trick starts at 1:18 and runs til about 3:10.

Basically, he slows down the song, sings BG vocs at his normal pitch, then speeds the song back up and pitch and tone are constant, but it now sounds like a female voice. And it is pretty clean in terms of artifacts and all. Really cool little trick I’d love to try.

If anyone has any ideas, please share.

I guess slow the tempo down, record the vocals, make sure it’s in Musical Mode and speed the tempo back up.

Hopefully that will be a good starting point.

Hey there! Thanks for the reply.

I tried that, it just changes the audio speed, which is cool cus I didn’t know you could do that, so very good to know that trick. It doesn’t change the timber and register like in the above video though. I’ve messed around a bit but can’t seem to find a way. I bet it’s something really simple too. Frustrating. It’s such a cool trick and I really want to use it to stack gospel style choirs.

I’ll keep toying around and hoping someone posts here in the meantime.

Thanks again for the reply. At least I did learn that one new trick.

Try changing the algorithm to see if any of those help. You could also try changing the pitch using the info line which will help make it sound more like in the video.

Tried those ideas. No luck. I’m thinking maybe it’s a feature in the higher levels, and I only have Elements, so maybe it’s just not doable with that. Sucks, cus he does it so easily in the video.

This is about Formant-shifting. You’ll find it in the SampleControl in the lower panel. Read about Formant and samplecontrol (audiowarp section) in the manual, p.388 in the CubaseElements 10.5 manual.