Change tempo without moving audio clips

I recorded audio clips with a metronome reference with varying tempo in Cubase LE AI Elements 10. Specifically, the song has one tempo in some parts, a different tempo in others, with continuous tempo change (ramp). Signature was 2/2.

Now I want to change signature to 3/4 for the whole song, while maintaining bar duration. That means that the tempo should be multiplied by 3/4 too, so bar endings are maintained in my project.

If I change tempo values and signature in the tempo track, the audio clips are moved. How do I avoid this? I want their position in seconds to be maintained.

In older Cubase versions there was a musical / linear time button in each track, but I can’t find it now. It seems this is now done for each audio clip, not for each track. But I looked in the pool window and the clips all have the “musical” mark unchecked. So why are they moving? What should I do to prevent them from moving?


The Musical/Linear time base is still there in Cubase. If you can’t see it in the track list, it’s available in the Inspector.

Thanks. I can’t find it, could you post a screenshot?


For the MIDI track it’s described here, for Audio track it’s described here. Both with screenshots.

Thanks. I have Elements (not Pro), and my inspector is as shown here (for audio tracks). That button is missing.

So it looks like Elements doesn’t have this feature whereas Pro does. I didn’t expect something so basic to be missing in Elements :frowning:


Right, this is not in Cubase Elements.