Change the behavior of the cursor?

Hi all,

This is a tricky one to explain, but I’ve noticed a change in the way the cursor works between Cubase 8 and 10, this may be me doing things an odd way, but I’d like it to do what it did in 8 and don’t know if it can be tweaked?

Example -

C8 - If I set the cursor to say, bar 5, then I change the tempo by dragging the tempo map lines, the cursor would move back and forth depending on which way the tempo was being changed. I found this really useful for syncing certain moments to film.

C10 - When I set the cursor to bar 5 then change the tempo by dragging the tempo map lines, the cursor flickers a lot but stays at bar 5.

The reason I want the 8 version, is because (and there may be a better way of doing this) but when I have been writing to picture, let’s say there is a car door slam and I want to time that with the start of bar 5 and it is currently on bar 6. I put the cursor on bar 6, then increase the tempo until the cursor has moved to bar 5 - as the film of course doesn’t change “tempo”, I use this as a way of syncing things up perfectly. If that makes sense. I can’t do this now it seems?

I might be missing something but I have looked through the manual and not found a way of putting it back…

many thanks,



Yes, the behaviour has changed.