Change the File Menu bar color in Windows OS

In Windows 10 settings one can change the title bar color but not the file menu bar.

With Cubase 13 now showing both title and the file menu bars, the file menu bar remains that jarring bright white while the rest of the theme is dark. I’d really like Cubase 13 to pickup on the C13 color theme and color the File Menu bar as well.


I agree, it looks really dated with a bright title bar on top.


Btw in Windows 10 you can adjust the top title bar color by going to Settings > Personalization > Colors > Checkmark in ‘Title bars and border windows’ at the bottom, then adjust your Accent color to taste in the options on the same screen above it.

However, this doesn’t affect the File Menu bar just below the Title bar. That’s where this request comes in!


Why is the menu bar white and old?
Why are the warning and save windows still outdated?
Why the fonts become white and ugly???

modern look ??
the mixer design very bad


For someone with photosensitivity, it looks more like this to me :upside_down_face: Every time I click to the second screen It double trouble


Yeah it’s odd considering the Menu bar was colored according to the Cubase theme in version 12 and lower. I’m surprised no one said anything during testing phase this time…


Windows conform: press ALT = file menue bar disappears.

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Pressing ALT doesn’t make the file menu bar disappear. Pressing ALT on a Windows PC moves focus to the file menu itself.

But I don’t want to make the menu bar disappear, I would like it to be in the same color as the theme.

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The best way would be how Mozilla implements it in Firefox and Thunderbird – they integrated the File Menu bar with the Title bar into one and have it colored in the application’s theme. Nice and blended and not stacked tall.

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Yeah was fiddling with the Menu bar color, its the same grayish white no matter what i change in windows 10 , not aesthetic and distracting on the default color scheme of cubase .
also trying to change the menu and sub menu fonts, is it possible ?

If you use AHK, this script will make you able to remove the white titlebar while preserving the menubar by pression win+j to to hide and ctrl+win+j to unhide.
(install AHK, paste the following script into a .txt and rename the file to .ahk and use Task Scheduler to start with Windows)

WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A

WinSet, Style, +0xC00000, A

This is not the most elegant solution, I’m sure someone could make it work without having to use hotkeys - anyone here whit AHK powers who can chime in?

i can hide the menu, when right click on title bar and uncheck “show menu bar” only then its possible to hide/unhide with alt key when pointer on title bar.
but it think i prefer to have it all the time on on the project window, but in other color .
also change fonts on the menu bar.

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But I want to keep the menu bar. I just need it to match the color of the theme.

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The script I mentioned hides the title bar, not the menu bar. In CB12 the title and menu bar was combined but on CB13 you will have both a menu and a title bar. Since I have no use of the title bar and it is completely white when I change focus to another Cubase window, I rather not see it.

oh ok well I’m glad that solution is working over there! That’s about as close to full screen as I think we could get if that was your desire.

We still could use some support on our issue here with the menu bar though. Either color it with the theme or, preferably, merge the Title and the Menu bars together into one (and colored with the theme).

I swear, Cubase UX devs don’t use Cubase and none of their releases are tested by people who do prior to release. So many odd design choices.


To be honest, this reminds me of the Windows version of ProTools, which looks like this:

by the way, I think it’s just incredibly ugly


I just shuddered.

The current color scheme of 13 makes people feel dazzling.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here. I just tried this and it hid the very top bar, not the white menu bar.