Change the length of chord pads?

Hi. Is there a way to change the length of the chord pads when you drop them into the sequencer? It would make like so much easier :smiley:. Thanks!

Also. How do I assign multiple tracks to a group channel with one click??


This topic has been discussed several times here already. Unfortunately it’s not possible.

To your 2nd topic I would strongly recommend to make a new thread.

  1. You can hold down Alt+Shift (Q-Link is activated) while changing the routing. Then all selected tracks will change the routing at once.

  2. If you are creating the Group Channel at the time, you can do it in the MixConsole. Seeker the Channels, right-click to any and select an option Add a Group Channel for Selected Channels. Done for all of them at once.

thank you

Hi Martin is this “change the length of the chord pads when you drop them into the sequencer?”(Cg33)“Unfortunately it’s not possible.” (Martin Jirsak) something related to a tasks I wish to perform which is the following: I noticed the speed of response time for the notes I play on my midi keyboard was a bit too slow for me to add quicker key note presses and sound while using chord pad just a few days ago. I tried changing the buffer settings none of the buffer settings would help with it. Is there a particular setting you know of either for setting up chord pads or in the main preferences section, or any other thing I can do to speed up the response time. Basically it was bit slow, and I couldn’t record the melody I had in mind the way I wanted, so I pretty much gave up and did it as separate tracks without chord pads which was fine, the response rate of key/note changes was fine then, it was just chord pads was slow when I was recording.
Hope you might have an idea or two I could try.
Thank you.