Change the pad sound individually in groove agent 5

Hi, In groove agent 5 I’m looking for change a pad sound, exemple. I have a kit I’m happy with, but only the kick bothers me, so I want to be able to assign another kick sound from another kit to this kit.
here I found a kick I like, but the drag and drop doesn’t work :

the best would be to replace the original kick, but here I tried to add it to a new pad, but it’s probably not the right thing to do?

Is it possible? if so, I don’t see how. any ideas?
Thanks !

I think it’s possible to do this in beat agent but not in the acoustic agent.

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Indeed, only the Beat Agent kits can have their samples directly replaced like you’re trying to do. This isn’t available to Acoustic Agent and Percussion Agent kits because they use advanced sample layering and some scripting for a more realistic sound. The Acoustic Agent kits from the full version of Groove Agent typically have at least one alternative snare and kick which can be selected from the Edit tab.

One thing you can try doing is loading your replacement samples into the second kit slot. You can then route the second kit to MIDI channel 1 and either layer the sounds together or mute the original kick.

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