Change the pitch of audio in Elements 9.5 - How?

I have an audio of a vocal which is slightly flat in one area. All I want to do is select the flat area and pitch shift it a little bit higher without changing the time of the selection. How do I do this in Elements 9.5? There is no algorithm to do this as far as I can see? Any help welcome and please refrain from insults by telling me I haven’t read the manual properly!


You can cut it and use Fine-Tune from the Info Line.

So if I cut it from the sample editor, where do I paste it to for fine tuning? A new audio track? Then I have to paste it back into the sample editor? A bit of a mess about compared to something free like Audacity.


No, you don’t have to paste it. Just cut it, and use the Fine-Tune operation from the Info Line just for this particular Audio Event.

Sorry I must be missing something here - I can’t see a fine tune option anywhere in Elements 9.5 sample editor. I can change the sample rate but that affects the duration of the edited section also.

Not in the Sample Editor at all. In the Project Window use the Split Tool to cut your Audio Event into 3 sections - 1. good pitch, 2 bad pitch, 3 good pitch again

Select the Audio with the bad pitch and follow Martin’s directions. All of this is in the Project Window.