Change the Selected Audio Event Color

Is there a way to change the selected audio event color? Currently it is red and I it is difficult to see against certain event colors. Of course I can change the audio event but I want to change the box highlight from red to something else like yellow.

Yes, on the track you want to change either:

hover mouse to the left of the track name, push ctrl/Command and click,the colour boxes will appear, or:

click on track, then on the inspector window go to top where it says the name of the track, the little arrow next to ‘e’ click that for colours too :slight_smile:

Selected Event Colors.jpeg
Thank you for the reply and help. That changed the entire event audio color itself but I am looking to change the outline color of the selected audio event.

I have uploaded a picture that might help, I want to change the box from red to yellow so I can color the events themselves red and still see the outline.

He’s talking about outline color of the selected audio event and what you say if for changing track color. :smiley:

I THINK that the outline is hard-coded red, but I hope I’m wrong.

Me too, but I think you just may be right, I couldn’t find anything in preferences to change it.

I wish we had a prefs toggle that let us have Cubase style black selected event feature.

That doesn’t sound like it would be too difficult to program, in my 'umble opinion.

That’s right, the selection colour is hard coded red. You cannot change it.

Darn, thanks for confirming. Maybe Cubase 9 might change that since they have some more color options already in there preferences then Nuendo 7.1.2 has.