Change the start of a song?

Hi again,

So here is my second question (thought it would be better to create a new topic for this)

Is it possible to define the start of a song?
In my case I want the song to start at bar 4.
Can I use the left locator for this?

E.g. Song #2 ends → song end action “start next song” → song #3 starts at bar 4 (or left locator)

Is it already possible?

Thanks again


we’ll check for start offset.


Please enable if possible also for midi files.
Thank you. Herbert

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What do you mean? This was about Song offset (where in the timeline to start a Song). MIDI events can be moved, split etc.

You are right. If you link the start point of a song to the timeline, then it works for midifile tracks as well as for audio tracks. Sorry for the irritation on my part.
It would be fine if you could incorporate that into VSTLive.
CU Herbert

Coming with the next version, “Start at left Locator” in Song End Action.
Unfortunately it did not quite make it for todays’ version.

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Great, thank you!
It would also make sense to add “jump to the left locator of the next song”, so that you can choose whether the next song starts automatically or manually.
Thank you @musicullum :v:

The start at left locator option is only for the Song Start Actions “Start Next Song” and “Start and Record”. What else would you need it for?

I meant the option “next song” in song end actions.
“Next song - left locator”

  • when a song ends, it jumps to next song’s left locator but does not start the song.

Hi @musicullum and @PatrickT ,

If touching this “Set Song End Action”: I would kindly ask “just to” implement “tick” labelled “start from left locator” there. It’s great to have the ability to start from left locator in some cases.

That would be practical, I agree!

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Short and clear - a good solution.:+1:

That is exactly how we implemented it. As said, it did not quite make it for yesterday, but you‘ll have it with the next version.


Will be a handy addition :slight_smile:
In my example: just a few songs has optional intro, that I don’t play every time.

I separated the intro into 2 separate songs (booth on my old system and VSTL), but for sure keep them in “one” and set left locator instead meight be more practical.
(But I think that isn’t a major ASAP thing to solve at all)

First of all, thank you for the new function, but it only works partially.

  • Issue 1:
    “Start at start marker” only works in combination with “Start next Song” and does not work with “Next Song”.
    I expect that with this setting the Next Song would be activated and paused at the start marker.

(I have this Setting for Song #1 and Song #2, but Song #2 starts at bar 1 , not at start marker)

  • Issue 2:
    (possibly a logic issue)
    “start at start marker” is a function in “Song End Actions”. So I expect that I have to set in Song #2 how Song 3 should start.
    e.g. In Song #2 I can set that Song 3 should start at Start Marker.
    But it’s different: In song #2 you have to set that the next song should start when Song #2 ends. But in song 3 I have to set that it should start at the start marker.
    That’s ok i think, but maybe the menu title “Song End Action” does not fit anymore.
    Maybe you could call it “Song Start/End actions” or more briefly “Song Actions”

Issue 1 is more important for me, maybe you could fix this soon? :slight_smile:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @PatrickT ,

… done, next update.

… good idea, done, next update.