Change Time dispay start position - possible ?

ex. I want time display start counting from bar 34.

The main problem is, inside one session i making 2-4 projects, and when custumers send edits they mark timeline with edits, and everytime i need to find right place, because (ex.) 2nd project 3:30 after render, but in project its 26:44…
And i wanna know, if it possible to make some kind of “separate display” for marked regions ?



In the Project Setup (Shift + S), you can set Bar Offset. Does it help?

thanks Martin, unfortunately Its not what i want :frowning:
For example, in Opened project i have 3 songs:
1st from Bar 5-77
2nd fromBar 81-153
3rd from Bar 157-229

timeline shows me 7min at last song locator. how to set timeline to start counting from the first locator of each song ?

I see. I’m sorry, this is not possible. The timeline is completely linear. You cannot start a new time.

You could find this out by adjusting the start position of the rendered clip in Cubase, assuming you have it loaded up in the correct position in your project. If you observe the ‘Offset’ field in the Info Line and drag the start of the rendered clip then this will show you the time relative to the start of the whole audio clip. You could then move the start to the offset position you need, set the cursor to the new clip start (L key I think) then drop a marker (insert key) and continue to the next point etc. It may help.