Change Track Duration

Hi everyone, is there a remix feature in Cubase that allows you to change the length of an audio track automatically, similar to the remix function in Adobe Audition? Can VariAudio do this? Thanks!

Nothing as automatic as the Adobe Audition remix feature, but Cubase Pro does give you several ways to stretch specific portions of your audio.

You could use AudioWarp or VariAudio, or you can use the Process Tempo feature which slows down or speeds up the defined range so it matches the length you specify. For example, if you wanted to use a 32 second voice over in a 30 second TV commercial, you could try using this tool.

Note that you have to set the audio track to “Musical Mode” for it to follow the project tempo. This button can be found in the sample editor, but you can also use the info line for that:

I think you’ll get the most natural sounding results by using the sample editor to shorten silent portions of your audio and using AudioWarp’s “Free Warp” to speed up or slow down specific words or phrases.

Thanks Romantique Tp, that helps a lot!!