Change track position by dragging in visibility zone

Is it possible to drag tracks in the visibility zone (next to the inspector) to move them to a new position? I’ve tried various key modifiers, but nothing seems to work, doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the manual either. It takes me ages to drag a channel on the arrange page if it needs to be moved a long way in the list of tracks! Pro Tools has a track name list on the left side which looks similar to the cubase visibility zone, and it allows changing track position by dragging the track’s name.

In the screengrab, I made a new vocal track, but I need to move it across about 40 channels to dump it next to the other vocal tracks. If tracks have lanes expanded, this can be an annoyingly slow procedure!

Edit - I just timed myself moving the vocal track from position 76 up to 33 where the other vocals were sitting - literally took 45 seconds of slowly chugging up through the channels while holding the left mouse button!

I don’t think so, and you can’t move tracks around in the mixer either.

Yeah I imagine dragging in the mixer would be quicker than on the arrange page if it was possible. Dragging in the visibility list should be even quicker, the pixel per track ratio is even smaller!

Minimizing the track heights cuts down on the drag agony though:)

True! :slight_smile: You’ve given me an idea - maybe there’s a way I can save my custom and varied track and lane heights so I can return back to it after performing the drag? Is that a saved workspace feature?

Near the vertical zoom slider on the bottom right of the project window there’s a little arrow pointing down. Click that and select Zoom Tracks Full. This will minimise all tracks to fit on the screen. Once you’ve dragged your track to where you want it, then go to Edit > Zoom > Undo Zoom.

Fantastic!!! That’s brilliant, thanks so much :smiley: