Change velocity of chords in Dorico 4

Within Dorico, I am trying to change the velocity of the notes generated in the chord track. I have found out how to do it with a separate midi track just as needed, but not the chord track even though I know the track exists via an export examination. I would really like to be able to draw a velocity line over the chords that are generated; is this possible? Right now I am only in a position of considering external software, export, imports, etc. I am a new Dorico user. I am not sure how a song can be developed properly without this option. Thanks very much for any suggestions, best regards, CEC

Now, of course, one can realize the chord symbols into an instrument track (or tracks) and control those just as one can any other track.

Hi, Thank you for stating that it can be done. I suppose the question is therefore, how does one realize such? I now have the chord track playing an instrument of choice, but after a couple of days investigation I still do not yet have it as an independent midi track of editable notes.

It may be obvious to some, but I do not yet clearly find it in the manual (not saying it isn’t there, however),

and I do not yet clearly find it in any of the YouTube tutorials ( saying it isn’t there, however)

and I don’t yet find it in this forum after search( Search results for 'chords midi ' - Steinberg Forums) (not saying it isn’t there, however).

I will get there eventually if it exists, but a sense of direction here or reference source would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks much.

Best regards, CEC.

You can’t adjust the velocities of the notes played for chord symbols in the Chords track directly. What Derrek is suggesting is that you add a new player and instrument to your project, then use the new feature Generate Notes from Chord Symbols to automatically create voicings for the chord symbols in your flow. This feature is only available in Dorico Pro and more details can be found here:


Thank you very much for this reply, this is what I needed to know. So far, as a new user of Dorico, this would be one of three suggestions I have for future development of the program (highly developed, I know and appreciated!):

  1. It would be highly valuable to have the chord track display just like any other basic midi track so it can be massaged and worked on just like any other midi track (not pro requirement). I am finding that the chord midi track already exists internally within the software, displaying it will simply make it usable from a practical standpoint. At the same time, having chords manifest into sound is such a marvelous feature and does give me many opportunities with Dorico that save a lot of time and effort, so I appreciate it highly. For now, I will plan on working with external software as a work around to get what I need, but the more I could stay within Dorico the easier it would be.
  2. Setting the tempo manually by specific number vs the slider option only will be helpful; I have found a work around for that also in the meantime.
  3. I suspect I will find a work around or option for having the tempo saved when I save a song, but for now no matter what I save it always seems to reopen at a setting of 120. I will keep looking more on that one.

Thanks again, the specific information that I needed makes it known what I have to work with regarding the chords.

Best regards, CEC

Create a tempo expression (or more than one). These will save when one saves the project.

If one has a version of Dorico that can generate chords from chord symbols (Pro can, and I think Elements can or will soon be able to), that would allow one to manipulate voicings, export the chords, and the like.

Thanks Derrek for this additional info. I will look into that further. CEC