Change vocal pitch to suit project inquiry


I have a project in key of D and I want to add a female voice to it but it is a bit too low for her. F# is more her key.

What is the best way to have her record so that her natural female sounding voice is still there rather than the lower pitch when I tried to change her key from F# to D.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:



So a) record in D and have her strain for the low notes (not ideal), or
b) record in F# and pitch it down (shouldn’t alter the voice too much with elastique pro algorithm, but try others), or
c) compromise and record in E (which will likely sound natural), or
d) record what she can in D and just sing the low notes up a third to individually shift.

If it was just the odd note that was too low, I’d tend to go for d). Otherwise I’d be happy to shift a 3rd, but my definition of “natural” may be different to yours :slight_smile:

Thank you ieaston.
I think i will go d) too.
The thing is I have a full 12 track project already recorded and was just adding her to the backup vox.
As I am not that experienced in the extras with CB, this is what i did. Maybe crazy but still…
Upped a copy of the project to F# and recorded her.
Exported her track, placed in Audacity (which I know well) and pitched her to D… (vox sounds bassy and deep)
Placed the track into the original D project. But not that happy with it.
Maybe should have just shifted the pitched back to D in the whole copy project.

It’s worth trying Cubase for the pitch shift before rerecording the track. There shouldn’t be too much variation in timbre (ie not too bassy). Let us know how you go.

Don’t know if you can get your hands on a Melodyne program. It’s pretty good with a 2 whole tone shift but if the vocal sounds a little bassy coming back down it has a formant correction that brings it back into perspective.

Thank you guys. I’ll give it a go in a day or two and will also check out that Melodyne program.

Keep in mind that Cubase also has pitch shifting with formant preservation, if you check the right boxes.

Would that be variaudio? Didn’t realize it has formant adjustment.

I guess there must be a reason you don’t want to change the pitch of the Project yet that is what I would always do (not the vocal).