Change Voice Colors?

I searched and not found any way to change voice colors. I understand that we are using different colors for the same voice in treble & bass clefs to handle cross staff issues - and perhaps I’m doing something wrong - but it appears that Down Stem 1 are identical in both clefs - and these are the same as Down-stem 3. There are others that are almost identical.

I know there are only so many colors, but I’m finding this a bit difficult to work with. Is there any way to over-ride the default voice colors?
Voice (312 KB)

The voice colors are assigned by rule and are not changeable. (At least not yet.)

Often, the stems won’t change until there is a voice with the opposite stem direction. If I use a down stem voice, but it is the only voice on the staff, it will adhere to the general rules of stem direction; once I add an up stem voice, the down stem pitches all switch to having their stems down. In this way it is a little different than some other programs. Or, perhaps I am misunderstanding the problem?

I think the OP is (understandably) bothered that some voices are very similar shades of the same color, which can be confusing at times.

I find it very hard to work with voice colors because the default bass clef (piano) voice 2 is the same color (orange) as the note select color. Also, the intensity of the orange and red are similar so they are often hard (for my eyes) to quickly distinguish from one another. Would it be possible to give this just a little higher priority?