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I have imported a musicxml file from Siblelius. Some of the grace notes were written in a second voice so as to move them before a bar line. Now it is imported into Dorico I want to change these notes back to voice 1, How?

In the same vein, I would like to combine the music on two staves into one staff with two voices. In Sibelius, I’d swap the second staff music to voice 2, then copy it to the first staff. What’s the equivalent operation in Dorico?

You can’t currently change the voice of notes in Dorico, I’m afraid. This is a high priority for us to add as soon as possible.

Will this feature be added in the next update? Or do you know when?

We hope to get it into the 1.0.10 update, yes, but it’s not yet implemented, so I can’t promise it.

I don’t find this function in the last update… It was not ready? For the next?

Possibly not in the very next one, which is planned for release before Christmas, but as quickly as possible.

Has this been implemented yet?

(From a Sibelius user who has purchased Dorico but hasn’t switched yet…)


Can someone explain how to do this, now that it’s implemented? This thread comes up very first when googling for “dorico move to lower voice”.

Actually, the way I do it is to select the voice I want, cut it and the right click and select “paste into new voice”. Not sure if there’s an easier way.

Select the notes, Edit (or right click) -> Voices -> Change voice.

There is a “Voice->Change Voice” command when you right-click on a note or selection of notes in Write mode, where you can change to up-stem or down-stem voices, or make a new voice. Is this what you’re looking for? I’ve been using it a lot, it works great.

Just read the thread and I cannot get change voice to work.
Here is what I want:
In the drums, the last note in the number, there is one bang on the kick drum and a tremolo on tom1. Tom 1 is set to the same voice as the kickdrum, stems down, so both drums plays a tremolo.
I want to change the voice of tom 1 so only that drum will play the tremolo. Here is a picture.
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Changing voices for percussion is not under the normal voice menu but under Edit->Percussion I think.


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Changing the stem direction of an instrument in a drum part is part of the Kit editor.

Thank you Jesele.
I was worried, that a change there would affect the whole part.
But it doesn’t, so thank you very much.
Kind regards Carsten Coach.

Glad it worked.