Change voices - tuplets - have I missed a trick?

If I have a two part triplet chord on a staff and want to split it into separate voices using the “change voice” / new downstem voice,
I end up with the upper part still intact as a triplet but the downstem part turns into a duplet with the third note shifted to the next beat.

I can deal with it by erasing the relevant lower voice notes using shortcut ‘v’ to make sure I’m dealing with that lower voice then create a new triplet.

Should it work like that or have I missed something? Thanks for any advice.

If I’m understanding the editing operation you’re describing correctly, you’ve not missed anything. At the moment Dorico’s not clever enough to know that it should duplicate the tuplet when you split some of the notes in the chords into a new voice.

Ah. Thank you for your quick response. It’s something I can live with but can prepare in advance by deleting the lower part tuplet before splitting the voices. Then I’ll only have to deal with that tuplet.